The RPG loot train

The RPG loot train

I just want to talk for a few minutes about the ridiculousness of the RPG loot train.

Now, I’ve played my share of both primarily single-player campaign RPGs that do the loot grind (hello Diablo II, I didn’t see you there) as well as some time in WoW and more heavily in Guild Wars 2.

And of course, you have to have loot. What’s the point in having a massive world of respawning monsters if there isn’t an ever-lasting grind of loot to drop, either for a chance of better gear, or if nothing else, harvesting for crafting materials.

So I get it, I get why you have it so every mob drops loot. I get that.

But can we have loot that… makes sense?

If I am out in the ocean and I kill a shark, why do I get a pair of enchanted leggings from it?

Probably more hilariously, the one mission in WoW where you have to go hunt for panther meat, or tiger meat, I forget which. You’re in a region where there are panthers and there are tigers. Both are… reasonably plentiful… and you have to collect so many of one, or both (I don’t remember, nor can I be bothered to look it up specifically). Now so far, I get it. Fetch quests are the heart of any grindathon RPG.

But if you want me to fetch panther meat, can you have it so panthers drop it, not tigers, and vice versa? If your argument is ‘but we need to buff the drop rate so players don’t have to grind so much’, increase the number of them, or the respawn rate. I don’t want to kill panthers that are confused about which feline species they are, thanks.


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