Take Only What You Can Bear

Take Only What You Can Bear

This magic glade, hiding such an exquisite, enigmatic flower. How could she resist a cutting? Another like it: pride of her, no any garden.

Trembling, she took a stem to grow her own. Time and nature’s miracle.

Studying, it rested heavily in her hand.

Behind, a bold mirthless laugh. “Hoom. Trath leaf.”

Confused, she turned, grunting; the tree spoke deeply, gravely. “Heavy, the heart that bears trath leaf.”

“Only sorrow blooms a trath. Take only what you can bear.”

What could she bear? For pride, for life? Sorrow?

Every step homeward: burdensome, yet growing profoundly mournful nevertheless onward she went.


Contest Entry

NYC Midnight 100 Microfiction Fiction 2023 (Challenge #1)
Originally written
April 29, 2023
Story prompt
Genre - Fairy Tale and/or Fantasy, action - grunting, specific word - time
100 words, in 24 hours starting midnight on Saturday, April 29
Other notes
Did not place in top 15 in group.

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